determined lady

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

..gotta go my own way..

..i've got to move on and be who i am...i gotta go my own way.!.I have done so many things..isn't it enough? Probably some of you will say YES, but most of you will say NO..I have already done and followed what you're saying..And still I am following..last time I followed,recently I'm I have to follow again the next time..?..I have my mind and yes I have my own way..How long will I stay here..? I want to go my own way..but when will it be...?????

..expect the unexpected..!!

..well, its just a expression of them..and I utter that line when someone exists is a unexpected moment..It was unexpected because.. i didn't expect...just kidding.! it's just that i thought that we don't have something in common..we're very much differ from each other..YOU as WHO YOU just a glimpse. you suddenly appear in my,"hindi naman magulong world,hindi din naman tahimik,pero parang ganun na din..!!some people says something against you but i just take it as their opinion,because i do have my opinions too..I take it as a basis to know who you are really and not to judge you..Because I met you as a good person and I know you as best one..If you know who you are and you think you are the one i'm pertaining gratitude..THANK YOU for your time..I appreciated a're worthy..Because you're a good person for're important one..just stays that way..!!

Monday, September 22, 2008 i make you proud..?

..ive gone a long way..but still I am waiting for the moment..a moment that you will utter "IM PPROUD OF YOU". As of this time, I am certain that it is impossible to happen..maybe it will be the next year..or either the next next all I know is that Im giving all the best that I can just to be the person you want me to be..I know where th eboundary is..where is my place and you as much higher than i am..I know my limitations..Despite all my sufferings, still my respect in you was there...because I know that the truth will never be change..WHO YOU ARE..?and WHO I AM..?..I suffered a lot from you..I used to sacrifice things just for you..I'm just hoping that the chain handling myself will never be break..if that happened, I dont know what's gonna be the next..Now I will be following you..I'm giving my best yet the questions is still lingering here.."DO I MAKE YOU PROUD..?..I do hope so..and time will come this word will exists.."I AM PROUD OF YOU..!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


..why are you like dat..? At first i thought you're good enough..i believe in your actions,by your words, i thought you were one of them who will do something good for me..but in the middle something exists which i dont want to..and because of that,all youve said before had been are not real,.i know you are just telling a lie, im certain for that,.im so sorry for that but im just being myself..


..sadya ba talagang ganun..?
well, maybe..sometimes i really need to sacrifice my happiness just for the sake of the important people surrounds me..datz the meaning of life maybe..instead of me cla na lng ung masusunod..sbagay ok na dn un.. as long as happy din nman ako sa gnagawa ko..!! lucky i am..

..This is it..tingnan mo nga naman..cnong mgaakala..before i dont have any computer skills eh recently gumagawa na blog..dal'z life..
go lang ng go..!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

..bout sken

A sophomore student..still striving for more..!!"My greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up everytime i fall..!!"